Owen Sound Bathroom Renovation | JCB & SONS.  We had the opportunity this week to work on some friends of ours bathroom in a late 1970's home they recently purchased.  It appeared the bathroom had been tampered with by the previous homeowner in an effort to improve the appearnce of the original bathroom.  We removed all the bathroom fixtures, saving the new toilet our friends had just installed which was rocking because of a rotten subfloor and bad toilet flange.

 The toilet was too close to the wall and awkward to use.  We moved the main drain stack showing in this photo over 4" so that we could install the toilet at a normal distance to the adjacent wall.

 Here you can see the new 5/8" plywood subfloor we installed with solid blocking to strengthen the floor for the new toilet flange we installed.

 We reinsulated most of the bathroom with new Roxul insulation.  We also installed new

6mm vapour barrier

with new vapour boxes for the electrical outlets.  We also installed a bathroom exhaust fan, as the home doesn't have an


.  All the joints were taped with sheathing tape and the edges sealed with


This opening is framed up and ready for the new

Mirolin Walk in Shower

.  We installed

Pex Pipe

fittings on the old copper pipes to hook up the new Moen shower system