Christian Bender, JCB & Sons

JCB & Sons is building a brand new veranda on this rustic home located in priceville. Here are some photos of Christian Bender on the jack hammer breaking out the deteriorated concrete.

The issues with the old veranda were quite a number: 1) The concrete floor of the porch was not poured on any proper footing, forms, or sonotubes; therefore it had sunk over the years and cracked. 2) The porch posts were all deteriorated and rotten at the bottom. 3) The far brick wall where the veranda attached to the home (seen above) had deteriorated and crumbled. This was due to poor roofing and ventilating, therefore the water ran behind the brick and froze in the winter ruining the wall. 4) The house foundation behind the veranda was deteriorating and crumbing away.

The boys have since removed all the brick off that one wall, broke out the entire concrete slab the porch was sitting on, removed the porch posts and roof, and mortared the cracks in the foundation.

The pictures of the new brick wall going up and footings and forms going in will be up soon for your viewing.

Christian Bender Hanover Durham
Christian Bender