West Grey Basement Renovation, Wiring, Insulation, and new Bathroom rough in | JCB and SONS.  Winter has given us some time to tackle our own home and renovate our own very poorly finished basement.  We decide to add an additional bathroom.  Adding a

sewage tank and lift pump

in our basement.  This required removing the cement floor and excavating to install ABS drains and the tank.  We also moved our sump pail while we were doing all of this work to a more suitable location.

 We removed all the old drywall which was very poorly done and had some mildew because of the poor vapour barrier and things not being sealed properly

 Here you can see the ice on our walls because of the improper insulation and vapour barrier.

 For this we moved majority of our basement things to the garage, the remainder was moved to the middle for this portion of the job.

 The pink fiberglass insulation in this picture would have provided an R-12 when it was originally installed.  It was in very poor shape, and was even destroyed completely in places because of mice.  You can see all their tunnel in the insulation here.

 Andy Baker came from

Integrated Audio Visual and Event


to run

Cat 6

Networking cable, and he also installed speaker wire for our home theatre system.

Integrated Audio Visual and Event Management

created a network with a central hub that ties in our office space, our home theatre area, and our living room.  We also ran conduit for any future connections that need to be made.

 Here is a panorama of the finished home theater and network cables  by

Integrated Audio Visual and Event Management

.  It was a great time to install all this while the walls were open.

 We had

Martins Insulation

from Tara come to

spray foam

our basement with 3" of foam.  Providing


for our basement and a continuous vapour barrier.  Creating a very warm and dry basement.